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Kitearena students enjoy more

2 students per group

This optimises your time, maximises your learning and will give you 100% satisfaction. On cold days it increases your comfort, minimising waiting time. Small groups are perfect for learning at your own speed.

Free IKO Certification

At the end of any course you receive an IKO Member Card that indicates the level that you have achieved. If you plan to rent material anywhere in the world you need this card to show your level. At some spots this card is required to go on the water.

Kitesurfcourse with Walkie Talkie

Using a Walkie Talkie during kitesurfcourse gives the added benefit that you always and continuously get tips and pointers. Like with boddydragging, during the first meters on the Board or with the relaunch of the kite. Of course we walk close to you in the water, but with the Walkie Talkie you are always in direct contact with your instructor.

Pics from your kitesurfcourse

At Kite Arena you will get your own photos that we have taken on water during your kitesurflessen. So you can immediately see your success and share.

Free Coffee & Tea

VBefore and after all our courses you can always warm up. Enjoy an espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato from Nescafe or a cup of tea.


Even more out of your kitesurfing lessons? In every sport it has already proven, to view video from yourself adds more success to your learning process. The video coaching is done at the Kitearena bus on the ipad after your lesson so you can immediately apply the learnings to your next session. At the deluxe starter course the videocoaching is included.


We are involved in the development, design and testing of kite equipment. With this knowledge we can give you expert advice when you want to buy your equipment.Wij zijn ook nauw betrokken bij de ontwikkeling en ontwerp van nieuw kitesurfmateriaal en testen nieuwe kites en boards ook regelmatig. Met deze kennis kunnen we jou professioneel adviseren wanneer je je eigen materiaal gaat aanschaffen.

Pay with pinpas

At Kitesurfschool Kitearena you can pay with your debit card. Even pay with Mastercard or Visa Card is possible. Cash of course is also always possible.


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